SRCUS News for Tuesday, June 13

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First year students: Don’t forget about officer elections tomorrow at 5:00 PM after the conclusion of your Financial Analysis class.
Second year students: If you have not found a white paper team yet, please contact Jennifer Green so you can be paired up with a team and begin selecting your topic.
Third year students: Remember to wear your class shirt on Tuesday for a class photo before we depart for the service project.

Today’s schedule at a glance:

First Year (Room K/L)

8-12 PM   Financial Analysis
12 – 1 PM   Lunch (Magnolia Ballroom)
1 – 5 PM    Financial Analysis
5 PM          Officer elections
6:30 PM     Class Dinner (5 Bar)

Second Year (Room Q)
8-12 PM   Strategic Marketing
12 – 1 PM   Lunch (Magnolia Ballroom)
1-5 PM       Presentation Skills
6 PM          Class dinner (Saucehouse)

Third Year (Room R)
8-12 PM Cyberscams
12 – 1 PM   Lunch (Magnolia Ballroom)
1-4 PM       Service project
6 PM           Class dinner (LRG Provisions)

Random, useless fact (to see if anyone reads to the bottom of this post): Did you know that on this day (June 13) in 1920, the U.S. Post Office Department rules that children may not be sent by parcel post? It’s true! So for those of you who left children at home with your spouses to take care of by themselves and you’re worried they may be just about ready to ship the kids to you at UGA for the rest of the week… no worries! They can’t!

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