SRCUS Leadership

The leadership for SRCUS is provided by the SRCUS Trustees, comprised of league presidents from the seven Southeastern credit union leagues. The trustees are assisted by the SRCUS Advisory Committee, comprised of the education and professional development staff from the seven Southeastern credit union leagues.

SRCUS Trustees

Fred Robinson, President/CEO, Tennessee Credit Union League (Chair)
Charles Elliott, President/CEO, Mississippi Credit Union Association
Bob Gallman, President/CEO, Louisiana Credit Union League
Carrie Hunt, President/CEO, Virginia Credit Union League
Patrick La Pine, President/CEO, League of Southeastern Credit Unions
Debbie Painter, President/CEO, Kentucky Credit Union League
Dan Schline, President/CEO, Carolinas Credit Union League

SRCUS Advisory Committee

Lauren DeAngelis, Carolinas Credit Union League (Chair)
Phone: (919) 457-9059 | Email:

Mary Amyx, Virginia Credit Union League
Phone: (434) 237-9604 | Email:

Maureen Bock, League of Southeastern CUs & Affiliates (Georgia)

Kim Bohannon, Tennessee Credit Union League
Phone: (423) 899-2425, ext. 1208 | Email:

Jody Brooks, Louisiana Credit Union League
Phone: (504) 736-3650, ext. 3010 | Email:

Brittani Champlin, Carolinas Credit Union League

Cara Dollinger, League of Southeastern CUs & Affiliates (Florida)

Janet Garrett, Kentucky Credit Union League
Phone: (502) 855-8203 | Email:

Barbara Lehew, Carolinas Credit Union League

Amy Manley, Mississippi Credit Union Association

Hayley Trammell, League of Southeastern CUs & Affiliates (Alabama)

Southeast CUNA Management School Staff

Dr. Craig Piercy, Academic Advisor
Phone: (706) 202-0555

Courtney Aldrich, Program Coordinator
Phone: (404) 822-8884

SRCUS Communications

Courtney Jackson, Website Management/PR Coordinator