Drew details enriching SRCUS experience in alumni Q&A

Sandra Drew, 2023 SRCUS Alum

Meet Sandra Drew, vice president of collections at Marine Federal Credit Union, who graduated from Southeast Management School (SRCUS) in 2023. Her journey through SRCUS has equipped her with valuable insights and skills that have contributed to her success in credit union management.

Q: Why did you choose to attend Southeast Management School (aka SRCUS)?

Marine Federal Credit Union typically sends one or two students a year, I was thrilled to have been chosen as a student. Seeing my respected peers attend and gain valuable insights into our credit union’s operation has motivated me to learn and grow within my position. Additionally, the program’s networking and team-building opportunities made it an excellent platform for my personal and professional development.

Q: What did you think of the experience after 3 years? 

Our class was the first remote class in the school’s history. I do not feel we were able to bond until year two. COVID continued to shape and manage our lives. The next two years we quickly came together, learned about each other’s credit unions, and formed bonds immediately. Some of us have connected through social media and shared exciting things happening in our lives to keep our social circle alive. 

Q: What were your favorite courses?

Attending Tim Gardner’s ratios course was a turning point for me. I learned valuable insights that helped me grow professionally and benefit my team at the credit union. Today, I can answer questions during senior management meetings and engage in discussions, thanks to the knowledge I gained from the course.

Second and third year Southeast Management School students participate in team building activities on Sunday, June 18, 2023 in Athens, Ga.

Q: What did you enjoy about the extracurricular activities?

I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the team and being in each other’s company. We shared many laughs and had great conversation starters that helped us build trust and form friendships beyond our work in the credit union.

Q: What was the campus environment like?

The University of Georgia has an environment that welcomes students of all ages. The campus itself is beautiful and offers encouragement and hope for us all.  

Q: How did SRCUS help you prepare for your career?

Little did I know I would have a career shift. Moving from deposit operations to collections was unexpected, but my first year [of SRCUS] provided me with valuable insight into ratios that are crucial for my team’s role in the credit union.

Q: What advice do you have for others considering this school?

Take the time to appreciate the efforts of your credit union. The knowledge gained through their investment today could prove to be incredibly valuable in the future.

Southeastern Regional Credit Union Schools (SRCUS) is currently accepting students for enrollment in its 2024 Southeast Management School, set for June 16-21 in Athens, GA. Enrollment is open through June 5. Learn more and enroll at srcus.org/management-school.

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