44 Named Southeast CUNA Management School Graduates in June


Class of 2016Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools (SRCUS) is pleased to announce that 44 credit union executives recently graduated from the Southeast CUNA Management School.

Since 1971, the Southeast CUNA Management School has equipped graduates with the skills and knowledge to meet the leadership challenges that arise in the credit union industry. The curriculum develops students’ operational, managerial and leadership abilities. Over the course of this three-year program, students receive advanced academic instruction on a variety of topics including management, leadership, and financial analysis. Students also apply the knowledge gained from the on-site sessions to projects that require strategic analysis of their credit unions and research of relevant issues facing the credit union industry.

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, the Southeast CUNA Management School provides students the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities and better understand the credit union philosophy so that they can contribute to the success of their credit unions and to the movement as a whole. In the true credit union spirit of “people helping people”, the Class of 2016 participated in a volunteer outreach effort with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, where they recovered nearly 1.5 tons of food for families in need in Northeast Georgia. The Class of 2016 also made a $1,000 financial gift to the food bank, which translates to 8,000 meals for families in need.

Upon successful completion of the program, students received a graduation diploma issued in conjunction with the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Graduation from the Southeast CUNA Management School is recognized throughout the credit union industry as a prestigious mark of achievement. For more information on the Southeast CUNA Management School, visit www.srcus.org/management.

Graduates from the Southeast CUNA Management School Class of 2016 include:


  • Nathan Clough, WinSouth Credit Union


  • Bradley Hayes, Community Credit Union of Florida
  • Brenda Woolum, Central Credit Union of Florida


  • Zana Bramlett, Associated Credit Union
  • Barbara Burkett, Georgia’s Own Credit Union
  • Arletta Craw, Kinetic Credit Union
  • Shannon Davis, Peach State Federal Credit Union
  • Shelly Day, Health Center Credit Union
  • Ryan Hawk, Peach State Federal Credit Union
  • Ian Kijanski, Excel Federal Credit Union
  • Sean Leavell, Georgia’s Own Credit Union
  • Stephen Sainz, Southeastern Credit Union
  • Andrew Starcher, SRP Federal Credit Union
  • Heiwote Tadesse, Associated Credit Union


  • Andrea Johnson, Heritage Federal Credit Union
  • Renee Sanders, Purdue Federal Credit Union


  • Perry Blake, Members Choice Credit Union


  • Robyn Blaylock, Monroe Telco Federal Credit Union
  • Tobisha Bullock, CAANO Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Charolette Harrell, Heart of LA Federal Credit Union
  • Billy Joiner, Centric Federal Credit Union
  • Melanie Riedl, University of Louisiana Federal Credit Union
  • Christina Viso, Neighbors Federal Credit Union


  • Erik Kampmann, Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union
  • Joseph Lamberth, MUNA Federal Credit Union
  • Alison Lynd, Coastal Credit Union
  • Greg Oprel, Mississippi Federal Credit Union
  • Leslie Pitts, Ferguson Federal Credit Union

North Carolina

  • Garland Poindexter, Allegacy Federal Credit Union
  • Marc Trull, Champion Credit Union

New York

  • Karrie Morse, First Heritage Federal Credit Union

South Carolina

  • Tina Farris, Family Trust Federal Credit Union
  • Allison Beckham, ArrowPointe Federal Credit Union
  • Kaitlin Grooms, Greenville Federal Credit Union
  • Travis Hall, South Carolina National Guard Federal Credit Union
  • Tavis Johnson, Family Trust Federal Credit Union
  • Angela Laffoday, Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union
  • Kevin Langford, GK Credit Union


  • Chris Boler, ORNL Federal Credit Union
  • Kim Gunter, Bowater Employees Credit Union
  • Donya Johnson, Nashville Firemen’s Credit Union


  • Daniel Elston, BayPort Credit Union
  • Donna Kelly, NSWC Federal Credit Union
  • Paul Pemberton, Freedom First Credit Union

About SRCUS:
Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools (SRCUS) is a collaboration of eight southeastern credit union leagues, including the Carolinas Credit Union League, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates, Kentucky Credit Union League, League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates, Louisiana Credit Union League, Mississippi Credit Union Association, Tennessee Credit Union League, and

Virginia Credit Union League. Through collaboration with CUNA and Affiliates, the first SRCUS Management School was established in 1970. Since the school’s formation it has graduated over 1,100 credit union management professionals from 21 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to the management school, SRCUS also hosts an annual Director’s Conference, which provides a full range of informative educational sessions about critical issues important to today’s ever-changing financial industry for credit union directors and committee members. For more information, visit www.srcus.org.


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