24 students graduate from 2023 Southeast CUNA Management School

June 27, 2023 (Athens, GA) – The Southeastern Regional Credit Union Schools (SRCUS) is pleased to announce that 24 distinguished credit union executives graduated on June 23 from the Southeast CUNA Management School after successful completion of the three-year program on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.

Since 1970, Southeast CUNA Management School has equipped graduates with the skills and knowledge to meet the leadership challenges that arise in the credit union industry. The curriculum develops students’ operational, managerial and leadership abilities as they receive advanced academic instruction on a variety of topics. Students also apply the knowledge gained from the on-site sessions to projects that require strategic analysis of their respective credit unions and research of relevant issues facing the credit union industry.

The Class of 2023 stands apart for overcoming the unique challenges that came their way as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which led to SRCUS cancelling programming in 2020 and hosting virtually in 2021. Those challenges coupled with the scale of this program finds 2023 Class President Amy Coggins standing in amazement at what her class has achieved as shared in her remarks during the graduation ceremony, “You know what’s amazing? Despite coming from 21 different credit unions…nine different states…we’ve stayed incredibly close. I’m extremely proud of every single one of my classmates.”

Graduates of the Southeast CUNA Management School Class of 2023, grouped by credit union association, include:

Carolinas Credit Union League (Dan Schline, President/CEO)

Lindsay Clever, South Carolina Federal CU, SC

Amy Coggins, State CU, SC

Sandra Drew, Marine FCU, NC

Wayne Keels, SAFE FCU, SC

Shelby Powell, Winston-Salem FCU, NC

Suzan Shook, Mountain CU, NC

Lauren Wright, Champion CU, NC

Brittany Woodward, Carolina Trust FCU, SC

League of Southeastern Credit Unions (Samantha Peeler, President)

Brittany Miller, Alabama CU, AL

Tammy Slappey, Alabama CU, AL

Jarrod Hester, Georgia’s Own CU, GA

Brittany Pedersen, Georgia’s Own CU, GA

Pamela Thomas, Georgia’s Own CU, GA

Louisiana Credit Union League (Juan F. Ceballos, President/CEO)

Kelli Green, Centric FCU, LA

Bridget Sonnier, Geismar Complex FCU, LA

Mississippi Credit Union Association (Charles Elliott, President/CEO)

Justin Branstetter, Meridian Mutual FCU, MS

Thomas Curtis, Keesler Federal CU, MS

Kimberly Guyton, Triangle FCU, MS

J. Holly Spears,  Mississippi FCU, MS

Tennessee Credit Union League (Fred Robinson, President/CEO)

Stephanie Lawson, Enrichment Federal CU, TN

Elizabeth Sharpe, HealthNet Federal CU, TN

Esteemed Students from Outside of the Southeast

Kyndra Huezo, BECU, WA

David Lindeman, Superior CU, OH

Alisha VanHorn, Michigan One Community CU, MI 

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, Southeast CUNA Management School provides students the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities and better understand the credit union philosophy so that they can contribute to the success of their credit unions and to the movement as a whole.  Graduation from Southeast CUNA Management School is recognized throughout the credit union industry as a prestigious mark of achievement. Upon successful completion of the program, students received a graduation diploma issued in collaboration with the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. For more information on the Southeast CUNA Management School, visit www.srcus.org/management.

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